My guild's website. I do most of my decorating for them. They are a great group of people and a fun guild to be a part of. MASC HOOAH!

A very talented decorator-for-hire on Bloodfin. I'm proud to share his server.

Kurrin's Collection

Is a pioneer in the field of SWG decorating. His waterfalls and other extremely creative constructions were an early inspiration to me.

SWGDesigns by Ropock
Named "The Master Interior Decorator" on the SWG forums and with good reason. Innovative, seamless designs.

Laeren's Interior Designs
As a frequent feature on GarVa's homeshow, Burgundy has proved to be a uniquely creative designer.

Burgundy Wyne Designs
Deri has also appeared on the homeshow and considers herself a "traditional style" decorator, focusing on functional yet pleasing designs.

Decor by Deri
Imperial Industries Incorporated
When I walked into the Isen cantina I was floored by Marana's imperial chandelier. How did I miss such a top-notch designer on my own server for so long?

Imperial Industries Incorporated
GarVa's Galactic Homeshow
If you are here you probably already know what this is. GarVa's weekly showcase of the best in SWG interior design.

Homeshow Index
An extensive resource for the decorator. Includes information about loot and hard-to-find decorative items.
Link Exchange
If you have a website for SWG interior design I'd be happy to add your link. PM the link to Moolyssa on the SWG forums. Also if you want to link to me here's a banner to use.